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We all know that quitting anything isn’t easy, and eliminating nicotine and tobacco products from your life is no different. You’ve taken the first step: You want to quit.

Tips below will help you with your efforts toward a non-user life. 

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If you’ve tried to quit before, you know it won’t be easy. You need to remember that most people try several times before succeeding; view this as part of the path toward becoming a non-user.

Here are a few additional suggestions to help overcome the urge to smoke or vape. 

helpful tips
to fight your cravings
and take back control
of your life.

Healthy Snacks

Substituting your cravings with healthy snacks is a good alternative to reaching for your cigarette or vape.

Healthy, crunchy snacks will prevent you from substituting your cravings with sugary or processed snacks that can cause you to gain weight.

Some healthy alternatives to snack on could be: seeds, nuts, apples, carrots, beef jerky, or any other healthy snack that is easily accessible or transportable for when youre away from home.

Find Distraction

Reach out to your support team if things are getting hard and you feel like you want to give in.

Meditation, exercise, and walking are great ways to distract yourself from cravings and to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Anything to occupy your mind will help you fight the cravings. Some other ideas include:
reading, writing, gardening, listening to a podcast or your favorite music, watching a movie, cleaning your room, or taking a hot bath.

Calm your Cravings

A soothing warm drink (a cup of warm tea or water) can help calm your cravings.

Drink lots of water or non-sugary drinks to stay hydrated.

Chewing on an essential oil-infused toothpick or sugar-free gum can keep your mouth busy and your mind off cravings.

Still undecided about quitting? Take this Quiz provided by and find out if it is time for you to quit.